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One of the healing therapies I offer is a blissful scalp massage called “East Indian Head Acupressure” which utilizes Marma Point Therapy. Marma therapy is a powerful ancient therapeutic treatment that emerged within the 5000-year-old Ayurvedic system of healing. It is considered an energy healing practice and focuses on the manipulation of prana (vital energy) in the body.

According to Ayurveda, within the body there are channels of circulating energy, known as nadis. The points at which prana exits the nadis and enters the body are called marma points. There are 108 marma points (107 in the body & 1 in the mind). When prana (energy) flows freely from the nadis into the marma points, there is health. If the energy is stagnant or disrupted, health is impaired. Marma therapy predates, and influenced the development of, Chinese acupuncture. Marma masters, called “Marmani” were often physicians who used the knowledge to heal others.

Although marma points exist throughout the body, the style that I practice concentrates specifically on marma points that exist on the head, scalp, face and ears. This focused therapy is called “East Indian Head Acupressure.” In 2017, I was trained and certified in this art at the Southwest Institute of Healing Arts in Arizona.

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Why Marma Therapy?2020-09-04T12:57:21-07:00

Ayurveda teaches that the human body is like an inverted tree. The brain is the root, which controls all activity of the tree. The chest and abdomen are like the trunk and the appendages are like our branches. Massaging the head and scalp activates all sense organs in the body. Just as roots need to be healthy to keep the tree healthy, so goes with the head of the body.

What can one expect from a treatment?2020-09-04T13:02:37-07:00

You will lay fully clothed, on your back covered with a sheet. Gentle stimulation and massage is used on marma points on the head, scalp, face and ears using special oils such as bhringaraj, brahmi, sesame or almond. You can expect to experience deep states of relaxation and profound tranquility both physically and psychologically.


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