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educational, motivational, healing

Since 2015 I have been offering educational & motivational talks as well as facilitating health & healing seminars and meditation retreats. Please contact me if I can be of assistance for speaking at, or hosting, an event or retreat.

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seminars & retreats

“Mediation Retreats.”
Half-day or full-day retreats teaching about meditation and guiding a variety of mediation styles and breath-work techniques.

“Restore, Renew and Reinvent Yourself.”
This seminar incorporates motivational and inspirational topics to help individuals overcome physical, mental and spiritual despair. I guide powerful experiential segments of meditation and guided imagery to help participants relax, restore and experience tranquility and joy.

“Integrative Health and Healing.”
Half or full-day seminars are available for presenting on a variety of health and healing topics. I can speak alone or incorporate other doctors and motivational speakers to create a partial or full day curriculum.


“The Neuroscience of Transformation.” Discuss features of neuroplasticity & discover ways to use them to transform your life.

“Mind-body Medicine and Healing,” Learn about mind-body medicine and experience a variety of modalities. Modalities include: progressive muscle relaxation, breathwork, mindfulness meditation, mindful movement, yoga, creative writing and more.

The Neuroscience of Joy.” Learn what top neuroscientists have to say about joy and discover how you can cultivate more of it into your life.

Limbic Resonance & the Mirror Neuron System: The Science of Love, Empathy and Connection in Healing.” Learn about the neuroscience of love, connection and empathy and why love is powerful medicine.

“PTSD: The Invisible Wound Learn about posttraumatic stress disorder and understand how to lessen its grip.

De-escalation for First Responders.” Learn the neuroscience of de-escalation, and become skilled at employing de-escalation techniques.

 “Healing Heroes.” A seminar for military personnel and first responders. Learn about the neuroscience of PTSD and how to begin your healing journey.

Healing the Healer.” A seminar for healthcare providers experiencing burnout.

Understanding Compassion Fatigue.” A seminar for caretaker’s. Learn about compassion fatigue and how to overcome its effects.

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