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I began practicing family medicine as a PA in 2003 and specialized in primary care and women’s health.  After practicing medicine for over decade I began seeking avenues to advance my capacity to help patients heal.  Thus, I completed the Integrative Medicine Fellowship at the University of Arizona under the tutelage of Integrative Medicine leader Dr. Andrew Weil and graduated in 2015.  I currently practice Integrative Mental Health at AZ Integrative Medicine & Spa. I offer one on one consultations and facilitate group courses such as nutrition and meditation classes. READ MORE HERE

What is a healer?

I believe our world is in desperate need of healers. We have to take an honest look and ask ourselves; why does America have growing rates of homelessness, addiction, mental illness, chronic disease and suicide? We are in crisis in unprecedented ways. We are in desperate need of practitioners proficient in healing the moral, spiritual and emotional wounds that drive damaging behaviors. We need providers practiced at untying the knots and neural pathways that drive negative, damaging and repetitive thinking. We need healers who can assist with personal transformation in exceptional ways while raising awareness and expanding consciousness. Finally, we need agents of courage willing to step into the lives of another, to empathically take the journey together.

Since antiquity, the role of healer was to lead people out of the darkness of infirmary into the light of health. Having faced our personal injuries and illnesses on our own healing journey, we are familiar with the path. In the words of the great teacher Pema Chodron “Only when we know our own darkness well can we be present with the darkness of others.” The journey into healing is best supported when travelled with a skillful, compassionate and ethical leader to carry the lantern. Integrative Medicine is the vessel through which I attempt to assist in revitalizing and invigorating suspended and infirm lives.


Integrative Mental Health Consultations

Integrative Medicine is the intelligent combination of traditional medicine combined with evidenced based complimentary and alternative treatments focusing on each person’s unique needs.

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Meditation Monday Classes

Meditation reduces stress, controls anxiety, promotes good emotional health, enhances self-awareness, improves memory and attention span, enhances creativity, lowers blood pressure and much more!

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Marma Therapy Services

I offer is a blissful scalp massage called “Marma Therapy.” Marma therapy is a powerful ancient therapeutic treatment that emerged within the 5000-year-old Ayurvedic system of healing. One of the healing therapies

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